Guest Blog: Four Things You Should Know About Artificial Putting Greens

August 17, 2016

If you are into golf, whether it is a career or a hobby, you would know how important it is to practice and make a perfect putt. There are many factors that could affect your performance and one of those is the putting green. Nowadays, if you look around, you would notice several residential and commercial properties making use of artificial putting greens, both indoors and out. You may think that because it is fake golf grass, it would not work as naturally as the real thing. It may even be easy to blame it for a bad game. With the innovation and further improvements applied through the years, you may be surprised at how effective a synthetic putting turf is for golf games or practice putts.  So before you think about shunning artificial grass or having one installed on a whim, here are four things you should know about synthetic putting greens:

How Well They Putt

This is probably the most crucial question when it comes to putting greens. Will its artificial nature be a hindrance in making the perfect putt? It won’t. This is one reason why a lot of golf enthusiasts are opting for artificial grass for both outdoor and indoor putting. It works just as well as real grass, so your putt would rely more on your own performance, not on whether it is natural or man-made.


The Truth about Chip Shots

It can get worrisome for an avid golfer to see how a fake putting green could actually hold a chip shot. The great thing about artificial turf nowadays is that it acts and works just like real bent grass so the ball would check and run just as naturally as it would spin and roll on a natural turf at the golf club. The sound of the ball landing even sounds natural. That is regardless if you are chipping from two yards or a farther spot.


Speed of the Green

One of the important things to consider about a putting green is its stimp. This will affect how easily a golf ball would roll on the green. Artificial putting greens can actually replicate a specific speed of a real golf course. You have the option to have this customized or purchase one that already has a preset stimpmeter reading. It is highly recommended to test one in the store first before actually making a purchase to make sure that you are buying top quality material with effective golf features.


Real Golf Fun, Made Affordable

Artificial putting green provides just as much fun and game, without the high maintenance cost, as the real thing. The time you save maintaining real grass can instead be invested in more practice to improve your game. Installing putting green in backyards or indoors takes just a few days and it is durable to withstand weather and usage. With mowing, weeding, and other grass maintenance efforts out of the picture, you can definitely say that an artificial putting green is an absolute stress-reliever.



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