Guest Blog: Fall Prevention Tips For Families and Caregivers

June 08, 2016

Fall prevention is serious business for seniors, given that falls are the leading cause of accidents, injury deaths, and hospital trauma admissions for people over 60. Both internal and external factors can contribute to falls, but addressing the risks in your home environment and lifestyle are the fastest way to improve your fall prevention protection.

One of the leading health concerns for people over the age of 60 is falling, and the consequences of falls can be disastrous. Twelve to 67 percent of elderly adults who fracture a hip die within one year, so the stakes couldn’t be higher. Controlling the environmental factors that contribute to falls is one of the first stages in fall prevention. Here are some ways to ‘fall-proof’ yourself, both indoors and outdoors:


  • Remove anything that you can trip over, such as cords, clutter, area rugs, or random furniture.
  • Widen the spaces between the furniture, and clear the stairs, hallways and pathways.
  • Remove unnecessary area rugs, or use double-sided tape to lock them down tight.
  • Make the shower, tub, tile floors, and any slippery flooring non-slip with rubber mats or non-slip-strips.
  • Stay away from puddles, patches of ice, or super-slick floors.
  • Don’t walk around in the dark, whether inside or outside. Add lamps, increase wattage, and carry a flashlight on the way to the bathroom.
  • Install handrails and grab bars along stairwells and in the bathroom.
  • Move the stuff on top shelves within reach.
  • Place pet bowls and toys out of walkways and traffic paths to avoid tripping over them.
  • Put a bell or jingly tags on cats or small dogs so you know if they’re underfoot.
  • Train large dogs not to jump up on visitors, or put them up when guests come


  • If your dog outweighs you, and will pull you to people or other dogs, get a no-pull harness
  • Get a leash that you can keep two hands on, and keep control of your dog
  • Walk in well-lit areas so you can see the terrain.
  • Watch out for cracks and holes in sidewalks, and uneven pavement
  • Put your outside glasses on! Your reading glasses won’t let you see what’s on the ground.


Even in a fall-proofed home, poor balance or vertigo can still trip you up – literally! Fall prevention is a crucial part of staying healthy, active and independent as a senior, and there are a few simple precautions that everyone can follow to help ensure an active old age. Maintaining a fall-proofed environment, supporting healthy balance in standing and walking with sound nutritional and health habits, and bolstering overall good physical condition are ways to keep seniors upright and moving.


Information provided by  Casa Companion Homecare Solutions, a San Diego home care aide agency that provides extraordinary care and service in the comfort of home. Casa Companion Homecare Solutions home care aides support client independence so families and caregivers can focus on what’s important – one another. Find Casa at