Guest Blog: 3 Signs Your Office Computer Needs to Go

February 08, 2017

The big presentation starts in an hour. You’re ready to impress the potential client with an amazing pitch that will show why your company should get the contract. You finish the slides, open up your email and…

Nothing. Your computer just crashed, and it won’t turn back on.

This might sound like a worse-case scenario, but if you’ve got an old, unreliable office computer, it may become a reality. Here are a few signs your office machine is past due for replacement:

1) Your computer hurts your efficiency rather than helping it

Why did computers revolutionize the working world? Because they can do menial tasks like math much faster than humans ever will. With the advent of artificial intelligence, computers could soon improve just about every aspect of our lives.

Which means there’s no excuse for a machine that slows your work down. If you find yourself coming in early just to sit through long update processes or rebooting when you should be working, you should be in the market for a new office computer.

2) You’ve lost work (or customers) because of tech problems

Ever spend all day on an important report or project, only to have your faulty computer decide to completely erase it? Making regular backups is important – but if you find yourself relying on those backups frequently, it’s likely a sign of a bigger problem with your machine.

Of course, the only thing worse than losing progress is losing revenue. If your computer ever keeps you from fulfilling your duties to clients or business partners, replacing it should be your top priority. Chances are a new computer will cost less than the damage the old one caused.

3) Your list of installed programs looks like alphabet soup

Open up the list of programs running on your office computer. Now, how many of those do you actually recognize? Malicious or unnecessary software that sneaks onto your computer can slow your machine to a crawl. It may also be tracking your activity and sending it to third parties.

It’s tempting to start uninstalling anything that seems odd. The problem with that method is some of those strange-looking programs are likely libraries and other files your operating system needs to run – and it might not tell you that before you remove them!

Starting with a new computer for business use, especially with the help of a tech support professional, is usually the easiest way to solve this problem.

Replacing your old office computer (or several company machines at once) can go a long way in improving your efficiency. It’s a worthwhile investment that will let you focus on growing your business rather than dealing with tech headaches.



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