Five Ways to Attract Tourists to Your Business

August 02, 2016

Every which way you go, Southern California is chock full of happy tourists right now. The influx of visitors to the area provides a golden opportunity for businesses to capture the dollars these tourists leave behind during their visit. Businesses can take certain steps to ensure they take advantage of the extra dollars these visitors bring to the regional economy. In doing so, your BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties offers five ways to help you attract tourists to your business:

1) Enhance your website for travelers.
Make sure your website if effective in terms of functionality, content and the message you are trying to give to your customers. Always remember that this is really your “first impression” so spruce up your website by adding design and effects. Ask yourself if all images look professional? Is the text clearly written?

2) Make your business trustworthy.
Trust may be a huge part in any relationship, especially when the business is offering a service that involves the customer’s their safety. One way to gain a customer’s trust is to have great customer service. It can go a long way especially when problems come up. If you receive feedback from a customer, utilize it for measuring customer satisfaction.

3) Is your business multi-seasonal.
Building an all-season capacity into your business can drive growth and revenue. One way to make your business work for all seasons is to look for possible year-round activities around your area. Are there any community cultural activities or festivals that align with your business? Also consider adding a new dimension to your business such as partnering with other local businesses.

4) Take advantage of social media.
In this day in age, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a good way to reach a wide range of customers with just one single post. It is important to update them frequently. Some ideas can be sharing daily news about your industry, creating a weekly newsletter or giving shout outs to customers.

5) Become a source for other tourist information.
It may be a good idea to train your staff to answer questions or give suggestions of what do to next after they purchase a product or use your service. Having your staff ready to answer any questions can build goodwill and repeat business.

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