Five Tips for Finding the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

June 21, 2016

Summer is now in full swing, and many parents will seek out summer camps suitable for their kids now that school has ended or will be very soon. To find the best camp, a little research will go a long way toward making sure they have an enjoyable time. Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties advises parents to begin their search by looking up camps focused on the child’s interests and age.

1)  Get reference from close ones – Ask family and friends that have had their children attend a summer camp you are looking into. Remember, there isn’t a government oversight of camp so it is important to look for ones that are certified and approved by the American Camp Association which require camps to meet up to 300 national standards.

2)  Visit the camp – If you are able to visit the camp, check out the recreational, living and eating facilities. Don’t forget to ask about safety procedures and how rules are brought forth.

3)  Know the payment and fee policies – See what the total cost of tuition is and ask if they have payment plans. In case of an emergency or if something comes up ask if the money is refundable. Other things to think about are if the meals and transportation included. Make sure all the details are written a contract.

4)  Ask about medical care – You might want to check out the medical facility. Find out if there is a nurse or doctor onsite. Ask about procedures for transporting sick or injured children to nearby medical facilities and under what circumstances you will be notified.

5)  Think about a back up plan – Just in case the camp you chose is canceled for some unexpected reason, make sure you have another camp or summer program in mind. Don’t forget to also visit and research those backup camps.


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