BBB's Verified Customer Reviews

November 17, 2016

Your customer experiences are important to Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties and the organizations with which you do business! BBB Customer Reviews allow you to share positive, negative or neutral reviews about businesses, brands and charities. In fact, all reviews are vetted by BBB staff and sent to the business before they’re published online. Consumers, upon request of BBB and businesses, must be able to provide substantiation of the marketplace interactions.

How do I write a Customer Review?
Customer Reviews can be submitted directly from any BBB Business Review. Once you have submitted your review, an email will be sent by a BBB team member to confirm the submission is valid.

What will happen with I submit Customer Review?

  1. BBB staff will review each Customer Review to determine that real marketplace interactions have occurred.
  2. The Customer Review is then forwarded to the business. The business is allowed the opportunity to confirm the reviewer as an actual customer.
  3. Both the business and reviewer have an opportunity to submit comments on the review written.
  4. Inappropriate language and personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers are removed to protect the privacy of the parties involved.
  5. Lastly, the review is posted to the business’ BBB Business Review.