BBB Offers Four Tips for Shopping Smart This Father's Day

June 17, 2016

When Father’s Day comes around this Sunday (June 19), your Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties advises you to pay attention when shopping or ordering Father’s Day gifts online.

1. Don’t forget to look over the fine print. When you purchase a gift, make sure the refund, exchange, warranty and guarantee policies are all in writing. If you purchase a sale item, find out the expiration date of the item and if a refund is available.


2. Read customer reviews about the product or service. If you are thinking of buying an expensive product or service, you may want to read BBB Customer Reviews at Customer reviews may give you a good idea of what to expect when you receive the item or service.


3. It’s probably best to pay with a credit card. This may be ideal especially when purchasing an item online. Using your credit card can protect you under the Fair Credit Billing Act, which keeps consumers from having their personal information stolen or used without permission.


4. Ask for a gift receipt. Receipts generally have a description but do not have the price. Without a proof of purchase the item may be denied for returns or exchanges.


For more consumer information and other related news, visit the BBB News Blog on or give us a call at (858) 496-2131. Happy Friday!