BBB Offers Advice on Surviving Comic Con!

July 08, 2016

In just a couple of weeks, Comic Con will take over San Diego. With just about 130,000 fans in attendance, people visit from all over the county and will go to workshops, panels and other activities happening on July 21. Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties offers advice for surviving Comic Con.

1) Map out your day by downloading the SDCC app on your mobile phone. Be in-the-know of the latest event schedules, exhibitors, special guest and much more.

2) Take care of yourself! Remember to drink lots of water. Refill your bottle from water dispensers in the panel rooms. You will most likely be walking a lot, so wear comfortable shoes. Lastly, bring your portable charger for your cell phone just in case your battery dies. 

3) Waiting in line can be a pain; some may get discouraged and leave because the line never moves. Hold tight! You could miss the best panels. To keep you distracted from waiting in line, one idea could be to watch a movie on your phone/tablet or play a game. Remeber to use a secure wireless connection. We don't want any scammers enjoying the film with you.


4) Save the big purchases for the end of the day so that you don’t have to carry it with you around the entire time you are there.


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