Attend BBB's First Networking Mixer of the Year!

March 27, 2017

Tired of the old work routine? Why not mix things up a bit by attending BBB’s first networking mixer of the year. Come and mingle with other Accredited Business owners and professionals in the San Diego community. Attendees will have a great opportunity to build connections and business relationships while enjoying the nice atmosphere. Your first drink is on us!

Little Italy’s Loading Dock San Diego
Thursday, April 6, 2017  |  4:00pm – 6:00pm

for BBB Accredited Businesses
$15 for Non-Accredited Businesses with SDEA Membership
$25 for Non-Accredited Businesses

To register for the April 6th B2B Networking Mixer event at Little Italy’s Loading Dock San Diego click here!

Check out these benefits of networking at a BBB B2B Networking Mixer:

1) Get noticed: Attending a BBB B2B Networking Mixer is the fastest and easiest way to increase your business’ visibility.  By shaking the hands of other professionals, passing out your business cards and making connections, you are building a reputation and aligning yourself with the BBB.  In doing so, you are ensuring that your face and your business’ name will come to mind next time another attendee needs a product, service or project completed.

2) Increase your Business: By networking at our B2B mixers, you are presented with the opportunity to meet colleagues and generate potential leads.  Because attendees of our B2B Networking Mixers represent the best of the best in San Diego, you know you will be leaving with the prospect of building a quality business relationship.

3) Opportunities for partnerships: When networking with like-minded professionals, you often find ways to team up and offer combined services.  Whether you are looking for a partner for your next event, distribution efforts, or even as a guest blogger, you are sure to find a way to mutually benefit each other’s companies.

Showcase your company with a mixer table exhibit or sponsorship. Contact Shelby Snyder for more information or call (858) 637-6199.