Tips for Getting Insurance

March 26, 2015

Protection is needed and insurance is a necessity! There may be fraudulent insurance agencies waiting to take advantage of vulnerable consumers. That’s why BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties wants to provide you tips on how to spot and avoid insurance scams.

More often than not, insurance scams involve:

  • A lie that claims any and all consumer needs will be accommodated to.
  • Pitches that strike fear into consumers, ultimately causing them to purchase the policy.
  • Selling multiple expensive policies that are not needed.

Knowledge is power: Always devote time to researching the insurance company you are considering subscribing to. When doing so, make sure the company and agent is licensed to perform the business they claim. Remember, you can always visit to help you find credible companies.

Request a walk-through of the policy: Sometimes policies can be difficult to understand. Whether the fine print is well hidden, or the lingo is difficult to understand, it’s important to know the policy guideline. It is always encouraged to ask questions, especially in regards to something you will be purchasing.

Have no patience for pushy agents: Though you may be interested in purchasing a new insurance policy, BBB urges you to remember that being patient, yet stern, is necessary. If you come across an agent that is pressuring you to purchase a policy when you express your concern and apprehensiveness, you may want to reevaluate your business with them. It is important to make sure you are in good, trustworthy hands.

Too good to be true: If your coverage seems too cheap to be authentic, it probably is.

Word of mouth: Ask around! Ask friends, family, even co-workers what agencies they are affiliated and happy with.

BBB wants to help you avoid scams and make educated decisions when committing to an insurance company. If you need to check the credibility of an agent or simply have any questions, please visit or give us a call at (858) 496-2131.