Tips on Creating a Blog For Your Business

August 11, 2014

Every business knows by now that having an active online presence is no longer a novelty – it’s a necessity.  In addition to your company’s various social media accounts, it’s been proven that running a business blog has a positive impact on not only your SEO, but also your image as an industry expert in the eyes of consumers.  Blogs are a great space for you to interact with your consumers – not just blatantly self-promote.  BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties is here with a few tips on how your business can create a successful blog, ramp up page views and ensure your content is the best it can possibly be.

Make it interesting: When it comes to layout and design, find someone who can make your blog visually appealing. If you’re lucky, your staff may have the necessary skill set and equipment to do this; if not, you might have to bring in a third party to get it up and running. In terms of content, choose an editorial team that can write skillfully, be familiar with your industry as a whole, and write with a little personality and flair.

Don’t use it just for PR: While an occasional giveaway or shoutout can drive traffic to your blog, you shouldn’t be using it as a public relations platform. If you’re blogging correctly, your site should be a place of community, providing important information and opinions on industry news, written by your knowledgeable employees. For example, if your company plans weddings and events, you should be blogging about some of the latest bridal trends or ways to DIY decorations.

Open the floor for commentary (including criticism: Your blog should feature a way for people to comment on the posts, whether it’s through Facebook, on the site itself, or through a submission form. Determine a comment policy, and make sure your writers are familiar with it, so they can know what comments they should reply to, and what to leave alone. Ideally, you want to respond to as many comments as possible, but there will always be spam. Don’t shy away from commentary that may be negative - use it as an opportunity to address the concern and better your blog.

Make it social: Equip your blog with sharing tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, so that your readers can pass along your posts and grow your audience. Display these social links somewhere on the page that’s easy to find, but does not detract from your content.  Additionally, make sure to cross-promote among your social media channels. If you post a video to your blog, make sure to also post it to your company YouTube account and tweet the link.

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