Educational Consumer Tips

Out of Business-- What To Do

Author: Better Business Bureau

Your BBB regularly receives inquiries from
consumers who discover that a company with whom they are
doing business is suddenly closed. We have summarized steps to
take when a business closes its doors:

1. Try to locate the owner. Immediately send a letter to the
firm's most recent address. The Post Office may have been given
a forwarding address.

2. Check with the company's landlord for updated information.

3. If the company was a corporation, check with the Secretary
 of State at 916-653-4984 to learn the name of the
registered agent. A registered agent is often an attorney who
may provide additional information.

4. Contact the appropriate state or local licensing agency, if
the business was subject to regulation (for example, insurance
agency, building contractor, doctor, dentist, etc.)

5. Make inquiries of competing businesses who may know what

6. Check with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court at 619-557-5620.

If you locate the owner and the business is not bankrupt, you
may still be able to collect your product, service, or money.
If the owner is unwilling to settle your claim, you can file in
Small Claims Court or consult your attorney.