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complexity. Recognizing this fact, the United States’ government created the Consumer Financial 
Protection Bureau with the intent of better overseeing the financial industry as a whole." />

Financial Industry

Author: Better Business Bureau
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Overview of the CFPB:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was established to create a single point of 
accountability in the federal government for consumer financial protection.  The CFPB has the authority to:

• Conduct rule-making, supervision and enforcement with respect to the Federal consumer 
• Handle consumer complaints and inquiries;
• Promote financial education;
• Research consumer behavior; and,
• Monitor financial markets for risks to consumers. 

Complaints and Questions:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau accepts consumer complaints and questions regarding the 
following consumer finance products and services:

• Bank Accounts or Services
• Credit Cards
• Credit Reporting
• Debt Collection
• Money Transfers
• Mortgages
• Student Loans
• Vehicle or Consumer Loans

Other great resources for consumers with questions or complaints regarding the financial industry are
your local Better Business Bureau, the California Department of Business Oversight
(866) 275-2677, and the California Bureau of Real Estate (877) 373-4542.
For more information or to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau visit their 
website or (855) 411- 2372.