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This is the privacy policy for Better Business Bureau Serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties, Inc.

Better Business Bureau Serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties is the independent Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties of California. Please note that the Council of Better Business Bureaus, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, other independent BBBs (those with other geographic service areas), all businesses, sponsors and other affiliates, whether BBB accredited or not, have their own privacy policies. As you use our site and navigate across its various pages, and access different services, you may leave this site and access another. All of the aforementioned entities have their own privacy policies, which may differ considerably from our own. Please check which website you are on by looking at the web address in your browser and checking the appropriate privacy policy.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, the terms "we," "us," "our" and "BBB" refer to Better Business Bureau Serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties, Inc. and all affiliates of Better Business Bureau Serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties, Inc. "You" and "your" refers to you, as a user of the BBB website. The Privacy Policy below governs any information you provide on this site.

Effective Date

September 15, 2016


By using the BBB website, you expressly consent to our collection and use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. Physical, electronic and managerial procedures have been employed to safeguard the security and integrity of your personal information. Billing information is encrypted whenever transmitted or received online.

This Site Not Intended for Use by Minors

The BBB does not collect or maintain information from those actually known to be under the age of 13, and no part of our site is structured to attract anyone under the age of 13.

Personal Information that BBB May Collect Online

You can affirmatively submit to BBB certain information pertaining to your interaction with us, while some other information is collected automatically. The BBB collects the following types of personal information: names, postal and e-mail addresses, phone and facsimile numbers, billing information, customer review information, complaint information, IP addresses, and some browsing information. The BBB may also collect business information from sole proprietorships that apply for membership or program participation, some of which might constitute personal information, as well as personal information from individuals acting solely in their business capacity. The BBB may collect that information you provide to us when seeking employment with BBB, or when seeking information about our volunteer mediation and/or arbitration programs. The BBB's complaint form is hosted by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (“CBBB”), which processes your complaint according to its own privacy and security policies.

BBB conducts a voluntary survey through the complaint and consumer review submission processes. Both of these surveys are voluntary; if you do not wish to participate you may simply skip the survey and continue to submit a complaint or consumer review. Through this survey we ask for your age, race, gender, income, and education level. The information is kept anonymously, so that we cannot connect your responses to your complaint or consumer review and is shared with other independent BBBs.  

How BBB May Use and Share Your Information

We will use information you affirmatively submit to BBB for the purpose(s) for which it is submitted, such as to reply to your inquiry, handle your complaint, process your review, publish your comment, process a billing or donation transaction, contact you about your business, or respond to requests related to our programs. We may also use such information to provide operational notices, in program record-keeping and to conduct research on industry marketplace practices. Our research may lead to the publication of aggregate demographic data but will not result in the reporting or publication of any personal information provided to us. We may use third party contractors to act on our behalf, and these contractors are obligated to not disclose or use your information for other purposes. At certain points where personal information is collected on our site, there may be a box where you may indicate you would like to be on a list to receive information about other BBB programs and services and about ways to support the BBB and its Foundation. At any time you can add or remove your name from our mailing list by contacting us at

In order to process complaints and consumer reviews against businesses, the BBB will transfer complaints and consumer reviews received online to the company which is the subject of the complaint or the consumer review. It is also possible that a complaint, review, request or inquiry will be more appropriately handled by another BBB, in which case the request or inquiry will be transferred to the proper BBB. By completing a complaint or review form or sending us a request or inquiry, you are allowing us to forward your information to the proper business and also to the proper BBB, if necessary. Without submission of the requested information, the BBB will not be able to share your information and process your complaint. The BBB may also share your personal information with the CBBB for CBBB to research industry marketplace practices. Just as in any research we may do, CBBB research will not result in the reporting or publication of any personal information. The BBB never sells or rents personal information.

We will also release and/or use personal information under the following circumstances:

We routinely share complaint, scam tracker, review and business information with the Federal Trade Commission and other governmental agencies for their consumer protection activities.

Where release is required by law (for example, a subpoena, with or without an accompanying Notice to Consumer, an investigative demand, or court order) or regulation, or is requested by a government agency conducting investigations or proceedings. Please note that in the event information is transferred to another independent BBB, they may then be subject to laws of differing jurisdictions, such as other U.S. states, Canada, or Mexico.

Where our records indicate a company may be engaged in fraudulent activity or other unfair or deceptive practices that we believe should be referred to a governmental agency or a private organization whose work is consistent with the BBB mission, including CBBB or other independent BBBs;

To report consumer arbitration data as we interpret this to be desired under California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1281.96, and as it may be amended.

Where warranted by a company's failure to participate in the BBB's advertising self-regulatory process;

To appropriate persons, where your communication suggests possible harm to others;

BBB may share business information with third parties, for such purposes as allowing search engines, mobile applications, or partnership-based application program interface to identify BBB accredited businesses, retrieve contact information about businesses, display “star rating” information, or for quality control purposes of franchisors or licensors;

To contact you when we receive a request from the media to contact consumers about a particular story, business, or marketplace experience; or

To publish the details you provide for publication about your consumer experience using the BBB “Scam Tracker.”

With a third party for the purpose of assisting BBB evaluate customer satisfaction and to extend an invitation to comment on or review BBB's services.

With third parties for the purpose of providing BBB accredited businesses with perks and benefits of accreditation. This may include offers from third parties to sign up for free and/or fee-based services BBB has authorized to be offered to accredited businesses.

Computer Tracking and Cookies

Our web site is not set up to track, collect or distribute personal information not entered by its visitors. Our site logs do generate certain kinds of non-identifying site usage data, such as the number of hits and visits to our site. This information is used for internal purposes by technical support staff to provide better services to the public and may also be provided to others, but again, the statistics contain no personal information and cannot be used to gather such information.

Our Web sites also recognize the online site where a visitor "clicked-to-check" on the Accredited Business Online Seal of a business participant, but we cannot identify the visitor or the visitor's address. Site information is used to confirm participation in the Accredited Business Online Seal  program and may be used to advise participants of the numbers of visitors who come to our site from their sites. No personal information is collected.

Our Web sites also recognize the online site where a visitor "clicks" on the Submit a Customer Review Button of a business participant, but we cannot identify the visitor or the visitor's address. Site information is used for participation in the Submit a Customer Review Button  program and may be used to advise participants of the numbers of visitors who come to our site from their sites. No personal information is collected.

Our Web sites also recognize the online site where a visitor "clicks" on the Request a Quote Button of a business participant, but we cannot identify the visitor or the visitor's address. Site information is used for participation in the Request a Quote Button  program and may be used to advise participants of the numbers of visitors who come to our site from their sites. No personal information is collected.

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. The BBB uses non-identifying cookies to provide easier site navigation and access to forms. You can still use the BBB site if your browser is set to reject cookies. Our cookies do not generate personal data, do not read personal data from your machine and are never tied to anything that could be used to identify you.

BBB collects data from the device and application you use to access our services, such as your IP address and browser type. We may also infer your geographic location based on your IP address.  BBB does not share your IP address with other parties. We may use this information for our own market research and in the development and deployment of services.  Those services may include information on your general location but will not contain information personally identifiable to you.

BBB has implemented and uses Display Advertising.  BBB uses Google Analytics Displayed Advertising Remarketing.  Visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Preferences Manager.

You can also install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing show ads to users who've previously visited as they browse the Web.

BBB has implemented and uses Visual Website Optimizer. Visusal Website Optimizer does not track personal information. Visitors can opt-out of Visual Website Optimizer using this link.

BBB uses WebEngage.  WebEngage only collects your IP/ISP which is publicly available information and behavioral data, however you can opt out of the behavioral tracking by updating your browser setting and blocking cookies. The Feedback form powered by WebEngage allows you to provide us with your name, email, a category of your reason for contacting us, and an open space for your comments. This information and any comments you provide will be used for the purpose you describe and as is consistent with the entirety of this policy. Please be advised that if you select the option to attach a screenshot of the page you are visiting you will be transmitting to us a snapshot of what the website you are currently visiting looks like; it is your responsibility to ensure this does not include any information you do not wish to transmit, including browser tabs, bookmarks, chat windows, or other images which may appear in such a snapshot.

BBB uses Live Chat.  The Live Chat service records your chat information including your ip address and any other information you provide BBB via the Live Chat service.  

California’s “Do Not Track” Disclosure

At this time we are unable to honor “Do Not Track” (DNT) signals. DNT is a mechanism for opting out of online tracking by use of a browser, vendor, or other setting. Currently, there is no uniform definition of what falls under the meaning of a DNT signal or what DNT signals cover. These inconsistencies sometimes cause unintended interactions. Some technologies we employ may honor these signals, while others may not. The response to these signals may be inconsistent across portions of our website, and third parties might not honor your or our settings. As this technology becomes more universal and well defined, BBB will reevaluate its policy.

California’s “Minor Eraser” Law

This law permits a minor (defined as anyone under 18 years of age) to remove content they have posted as a registered user of a website.

Because we anonymize all complaint and customer review information before it is publicly available, such that the poster cannot be individually identified by the public, we are not required by this law to erase or otherwise eliminate any content, and it is our policy not to do so. This site is not directed toward minors and anyone engaging in activities which might be construed as to require registration as a user should not be done by a minor.

In any event, removal does not require the complete or comprehensive removal of content posted by a minor from our database, but requires only the rendering anonymous the identity of a minor user.

Requests under this law should be directed to and bear the subject line “Attention Legal Department: Minor Eraser Request,” clearly articulate the request, and provide sufficient contact information for us to effectively contact you with questions and/or to inform you of our action. If you do not receive a reply from us within ten (10) business days, not including holidays, please contact us again as your initial request was not received, could not be processed, or did not follow these instructions.

Your Privacy Rights--California's "Shine the Light" Law
You may request to opt-out of information-sharing by sending an email to with the subject line: "Attention Legal Department: Shine the Light Opt-Out Request" and including in the body of your email sufficient contact information for us to contact you in response to your request. BBB will respond within 30 calendar days so if you have not heard from us within that time frame please follow up as we may not have received your request. The opt-out is free of any charge. 
In cases where specific disclosure, information-sharing, or opt-in/opt-out notices are provided elsewhere in this privacy notice, or when submitting your personal information elsewhere contains specific disclosure, opt-in or opt-out notices, those specific disclosures and options override this general notice, but you may always contact us to request an update to your preferences or discuss your concerns.  

International Transfers

If you are visiting our site from outside the United States, be aware that your information will be transferred to, and maintained on, computers located within the United States.  The collection, use, retention and any other processing of your information will be governed by United States law.


You will be informed of updates or changes to this privacy policy through revisions of this privacy policy page. Please note the effective date of the policy, which will identify the date the current version of the policy was implemented.

Help Us Keep Your Personal Information Accurate

If your personal information changes or you would like to review the personal information we may have on file, please email us with the new information or your review request at Let us also know the department or BBB program that led to your submission of personal information so we may efficiently locate your information. In the event you are requesting to review the personal information we have on file for you please be prepared to assist us verify your identity.

Problems and Suggestions

If you have a complaint about the BBB's compliance with this privacy policy, you may contact us at We also welcome suggestions about improving our privacy policy and practices.