Military Line Program

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In order to serve the many military service members in our community, BBB Military Line of San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties provides free educational workshops and resources in the subjects of financial literacy, identity theft awareness, and marketplace ethics. As a transient community, military personnel and their families are often the target of unscrupulous and predatory business practices. We believe that "Knowledge is Power" and "Financial Readiness Equals Mission Readiness."


We are proud to offer BBB's services to military personnel and their families, who have often been victims of unethical business practices. The training is carried out by BBB staff and we currently partner with Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Air Station North Island, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Camp Pendleton and the Unites States Coast Guard of San Diego. We seek to equip those who serve, have served, and their families with the tools they need to navigate an ever changing and often complex marketplace.

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The Military Line Program fills a critical gap for military personnel. When they move to a new community and are looking for businesses they can trust, BBB Military Line can assist them with free business reliability reports. If they have consumer complaints, BBB can mediate for them anywhere in the United States. As military consumers they can receive educational programs tailored to their particular needs. By teaching military personnel and their families that valiable information and assistance is available through BBB, we are helping to perserve the financial resources of our service members and their families.

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