Anti Scam Pledge


I pledge:

  • Not to give out personal or financial information to any unknown person even if they claim to be working for a government department or financial institution
  • Not to sign up for a free trial offer until I have read all the terms & conditions
  • Not to hire a company without having a written contract
  • Not to send money in order to win a sweepstakes or lottery
  • Not to allow any unknown door to door solicitor into my home
  • Not to sign any agreement without first reading it
  • Not to send money up-front in order to receive a loan
  • Not to wire money back to someone who has overpaid me for a good or service
  • Not to send money to/for people I met online and do not know
  • Not to send money after receiving a distress call/email from a relative unless I have verified that my relative is really in trouble
  • Not to forward money or pay an admin fee to a potential employer
  • Not to hire a company without doing my homework first. Check with BBB for a Business Review on the company, get references, licensing, insurance and business registration information
  • TO let BBB know about any scams happening in my area by filling out the information on Scam Tracker at


Fraud: Recognize it. Reject it. Report it.