5 Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Headsets for Your Office (Guest Blog)

July 14, 2017


  1. The headset. Choose a model of wired office headsets that meets your needs. over the head or over the ear style.

  2. Connection. Confirm the devices that your headsets will need to connect to will be compatible, (phone, PC, etc.).

  3. Cables & amps. An office-wired headset REQUIRES the use of a lower direct connect cable or a headset amplifier/adapter base (sold separately).

  4. Phone. Confirm your phone make & model. Headset port available? Then use the direct connect cord. No headset port? Then use an amplifier. For a PC connection, use a QD-USB adapter cable.

  5. If you’re not 100% confident that your configuration is right, ask your vendor for a free demo to confirm. Better to find out before ordering.

Order away! Follow this guideline & you should have a better headset experience!


Guest blog and infographic submitted by Doug Merrit, CEO, Merritt Communications 


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