90% Off Ray-Ban Scam Tempts Instagram Users

March 09, 2017

I was cruising through Instagram the other night, and came across a sponsored ad for Ray-Bans for 90% off. 

Discount Ray-Ban Site Tempts Instagram Users With ‘International Women’s Day Sale’My curiosity peaked, partly because I work for Better Business Bureau and thought it might be fake, and partly because I was secretly hoping the sale was legitimate.

The ad led to a website, rb-star.com, which was the first red flag I came across: This was not the official Ray-Ban website. I browsed the site and saw that they were selling Wayfarers for $24.99 - another red flag. Wayfarers on the official Ray-Ban store, ray-ban.com, are selling for between $150-$290.

The next day at work, I did a little more digging and with some help from my coworkers found that the website was created just last month, on February 26, 2017. Although we couldn’t find a physical address for the store, the domain name for their contact email is registered to an address in China.

We tweeted at Ray-Ban’s official handle on Twitter and they had this to say: 

Typically when consumers buy from fraudulent websites, they receive knock offs, or the items are never delivered altogether.

I went into the site with my fingers crossed, hoping the sale was legitimate, but sadly it seems too good to be true. Sales are tempting, but it’s important that you don’t let your emotion get the best of you, and learn how to spot a fake online business before making a purchase.

And remember to report scams to our Scam Tracker at bbb.org/scamtracker.

By Danielle Spang


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