Appliance Repair Business Leaves Customers Unplugged

July 23, 2014


Sacramento, Calif. - ‘F’ Rated  VG Appliance Repair & Install, a business who offered to repair electronic equipment and appliances, closes doors after leaving a string of some 58 complaints to BBB. The business was most recently licensed as VG Appliance Repair & Install, but has used other names such as: Gutierrez Appliance and Installation, Gutierrez Install, and United Appliance Repair.

Most customers complained that the business failed to make or finish repairs. Some complaints also allege that unnecessary repairs were made to their appliances. Ultimately, issues resulted in requests for additional service or refunds. Most complainants claim difficulty when trying to reach the business.

While the company generally offered refunds to some customers, they report that the promised refunds never materialized or that they were drawn on insufficient funds accounts. Others said that the refunds were partial and not all of the funds they were seeking. The business has not responded to most complaints, especially those received by BBB in 2013 and 2014. As a result, many customers are out hundreds of dollars. BBB has also received two negative customer reviews for the business claiming that they are unable to receive service or refunds.

When contacting Victor Gutierrez, company owner, in early July he claimed that VG Appliance is out of business and that they are in the process of issuing refunds to complainants. However, the BBB has yet to receive evidence from the business of funds being returned to customers. The BBB confirmed that the license for VG Appliance with the Bureau of Electronics and Appliance Repair is currently cancelled.

Dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens – these are all important appliances in almost any household. But when one stops working, who do you call to fix it? When you hire a repair service, you trust them with more than just your appliances; you trust them with your wallet. Avoid getting short circuited by a repair service. Do your research, and be sure to get everything in writing before any payments are made.

 Find a reputable repair service by considering the following:

  • Find a Business You Can TRUST. Go to to research BBB Business Reviews. Reviews include ratings, company background information, complaints, and customer reviews.
  • Ask for Suggestions.  Ask friends, family members, and neighbors to recommend a reputable repair service they have used in the past. Be sure to visit to read business reviews before making a decision.
  • Request At Least 3 Written Quotes. Use BBB’s Request a Quote feature to get quotes from multiple businesses at one time. According to the Bureau of Electronic Appliance Repair a written estimate is required by law.
  • Check Credentials.  Be sure to get proof that the business is licensed and registered in the state you live. Some business claim certification or accreditation and you may want to verify.
  • Get Everything in Writing.  Require that the repair service provides a contract that includes: the start and completion date, a breakdown of parts and labor, and any guarantees.
  • Protect Your  Payment. Paying with a credit card can protect you. According to the FTC, if you have paid by credit card and are dissatisfied with services you received you may have the right to take legal action.
  • Satisfied with Your Service? Leave a customer review at to inform future customers.