Customer Reviews


What are verified
Customer Reviews?

Verified Customer Reviews allow customers to post positive, negative or neutral reviews about organizations with which they have done business. Reviews are vetted by BBB team members before they are published online and reviewers, upon request, must be able to provide substantiation of the marketplace interactions.

Why is BBB offering verified
Customer Reviews?

The goal of Customer Reviews is to provide additional information on organizations to help potential customers make educated purchasing decisions. Reviews also allow businesses to demonstrate how they interact with their customers.

How do I submit a
Customer Review?

Customer Reviews may be submitted directly from any BBB Business Review. Once submitted, the reviewer will need to confirm the review via email. Note: A valid email address is required to post Customer Reviews.

What happens when I submit a review?

What are the options for reviewed businesses?

A business will have three follow-up options once a review is received:

  • Ignore: If the business chooses to ignore the review, BBB will automatically publish it within three days.
  • Respond: If the business responds to the review, the response will be forwarded to the customer and published.
  • Challenge: If the business challenges the review, BBB will alert the customer and request substantiation of the marketplace interaction.

As a small business owner or consumer,
what else should I know about Customer Reviews?

  • A valid email address is required to submit Customer Reviews.
  • There is no time limit for submitting a review on a valid
    marketplace interaction.
  • Third-party comments are not permitted; only the reviewer and the business may add comments to a Customer Review. Those with similar experiences may either submit their own review or file a complaint.
  • BBB will not remove a valid negative review at the request of the business.
  • A Customer Review is not part of the BBB rating formula and will not affect the company’s BBB letter grade.

A consumer may not submit both a Customer Review and a complaint. A consumer with a negative experience must choose one or the other.

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