How to Submit a Customer Review

Customer reviews may be submitted directly from any BBB Business Review. For consumer convenience, some businesses may choose to have a direct link (or button) from their website to their customer review page on Once submitted, the reviewer will be required to confirm the review and their email address via email in order for the review process begin.  Note: A valid email address is required to post customer reviews on No verbal reviews will be accepted.

Customer Review Verification Process

BBB offers the opportunity for customers to share their experiences with business via customer reviews.  Like others that offer reviews, we’d like to be able to promise honest reviews from real customers, all the time.  But like all review sites, our experience shows that is almost impossible to guarantee.

When BBB receives a customer review on a specific business we:

  1. Send a confirmation to the email address of the reviewer, to ensure that the email address is real and there is a real person there. BBB will not post a review for which it does not receive a validation email.
  1. Once the reviewer confirms the email address, we then send the review to the business (usually via email)
  2. The business has three options to respond to the review within 3-10 days: Ignore - Respond - Not My Customer
  • If ignored by the business, after 3-10 days the review is posted (timeframe differs slightly among local BBBs).
  • If a business response is provided, the review is posted immediately and will have a “BBB Verified Reviewer” icon to alert other consumers that the business has verified the review was posted by an actual customer.
  • If the business claims “Not My Customer,” BBB alerts the user and requests substantiation of the marketplace interaction.
  • If BBB does not have the business verify the customer, or the reviewer is unable to provide confirming information, we will post the review (unless there is other cause not to) but will not label it “BBB Verified Reviewer.”

     4. BBB has the right to not post any reviews we believe may be false.

As you read any customer review, including BBB’s, please keep in mind customer reviews are not an exact science but another tool to help you make wise purchasing decisions. We recommend you read multiple reviews from a variety of trusted sources. Thanks you for helping BBB build an ethical marketplace where consumers and businesses can trust each other.


What happens when I submit a review?

What happens when I submit a review