BBB Military Line



What is BBB Military Line®?

BBB Military Line® provides consumer education and advocacy for military consumers and their families, both in their communities and online.

Our experience shows that military personnel are frequently the victims of unethical and unscrupulous business practices. They are young, often inexperienced, consumers whose salaries can be counted on to arrive twice a month, and are a very attractive target for scam artists and other aggressive promoters. Common practices directed at service members include: short-term loans at rates that may exceed 500% APR; expensive and unnecessary insurance sales; auto sales that charge exorbitant interest on already-overpriced vehicles; real estate “deals” that result in high rates of foreclosure; and worthless “work-at-home” offers.

In order to reduce the number of military personnel falling victim to these predatory practices, BBB Military Line training is presented by the BBB serving Central Virginia. The BBB has a memorandum of agreement with the DOD and is a partner in the DoD Financial Readiness Campaign.

Contact us to discuss and plan a training session.