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The mission of the Better Business Bureau Foundation of Virginia (BBBF) is consumer education.  Since, 1987 the Foundation has offered a variety of consumer education programs and services throughout Central Virginia.  It is the public education outreach of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Virginia.  The BBBF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit with dollars contributed by generous consumers, businesses and other foundations.


The goal of the Foundation is to help consumers make informed marketplace decisions and not fall prey to unethical business transactions.  At the same time we strive to educate businesses on meeting the BBB Standards for Trust.  This code of business practices sets them apart and helps consumers to recognize them in the marketplace.


It is our conviction, that with the economic downturn and increased use of advertising, consumers are bombarded with messages from all sides and need to be better prepared when making pre-purchase decisions.  We also believe businesses that adhere to ethical standards set themselves apart and gain a competitive edge.



BBB Foundation Background Statement 


Programs Funded by the Better Business Bureau Foundation



Consumer Education

Giving workshops, lectures and classes to educate consumers of the latest frauds and scams as well as providing information to help protect identities. A hot line is available for private conversations and assistance.





Military Line®

BBB Military Line® provides free consumer education and advocacy for military consumers and their families both in their communities and online.   Our experience shows that military personnel are frequently targeted and become the victims of unethical business practices.

Common practices directed at service members include:

  • Short term loans with extremely high interest rates.
  • Worthless “work-at-home” offers.
  • Expensive and unnecessary insurance sales
  • Exorbitant interest on overpriced vehicles

To help reduce the number of military personnel falling victim to these predatory practices we offer interactive and engaging financial readiness workshops, BBB business reviews which offer information on businesses and charities in their locality and nationally, and dispute resolution to help buyer/seller complaints against businesses. 

Financial readiness education is critical so that these service members can focus on their mission whether at home or away.   


Charity Review


 BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s mission is to help donors give with confidence by evaluating charities against 20 rigorous accountability standards and strengthen trust in the charitable sector. Locally, BBB serves that mission by evaluating organizations in our service area actively soliciting donations from the public.

BBB works with local organizations to determine that they meet the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability. Once an evaluation is complete, the resulting report summarizes a charity’s mission, program activities, leadership and finances. BBB Charity Reports provide potential donors with an accessible overview of local nonprofits and demonstrates their commitment to ethics and transparency. Our goal is to assist all charities that wish to meet the standards and to establish a framework of trust between donors and nonprofit organizations.




Senior Fraud Program

Educating older adults on how to avoid fraudulent offerings and possible scams.    Program managers speak with senior community groups and caregivers about recognizing the red flags of a deceptive business practice, avoiding becoming a victim and empowering the individual to act as an advocate in their community against fraud.  With technology advances and emerging channels of delivery, we work closely with area agencies on aging as well as local and federal law enforcement to stay on top of this growing issue.

We also offer our Senior Fraud hotline – 804-780-2222. 

  • Check out a company or charity before doing business
  • Available for private conversations to help sort through the solicitations they are receiving daily
  • One-on-one assistance in resolving problems relating to unethical marketplace transactions

Outsmarting Investment Fraud – The Psychology of a Scam

Fraudsters tend to go “where the money is” and that means targeting older Americans who are nearing or already in retirement.   BBB has teamed up with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to help you protect your family and friends by learning how to recognize the investment traps and how the psychology of a scam works.   BBB program managers meet with groups around Central Virginia to bring this interactive power point discussion to your community.

EthicsIn Pursuit of Ethics

This program creates in-depth discussions of ethical issues before general audiences, businesses and in classrooms. It uses a unique approach where complex real-life situations are displayed in an entertaining way. The audience makes the decisions and selects the direction of the program. Correct and incorrect answers all have consequences…and they aren’t always predictable.  The “In Pursuit of Ethics” Program explores 7 different topics that deal with ethical dilemmas and are tailored to the audience.

People of all ages are hungry to talk about “right and wrong” conduct. “In Pursuit of Ethics” has generated lively, spirited discussion in our training sessions. The ethical issues portrayed are carefully crafted so that everyone can relate to them.


In Pursuit of Ethics (Business)

Over time our sense of ethics can start to erode due to the pressure of meeting deadlines, making sales or the impending threat of losing a business due to economic changes.   In Pursuit of Ethics is an interactive program offered by your Better Business Bureau that uses real-life business situations to create in-depth discussions of ethical issues.  The group is presented with various web-based ethical situations and decides the direction of the program which allows for open and honest discourse.



BBB Shred Day

Empowers consumers to protect their identities by providing free shredding of documents and identity protection resources.

Program Sponsors:


  •FINRA-Financial Industry Regulatory Authority             


  •BBB Accredited Businesses


  •BBBF Board of Directors