Book BBB Speakers
BBB is always looking for ways to help people in our community through education outreach as well as counseling on a variety of topics.  

To further our mission, we would be pleased to send a member of our professional staff to speak to your organization.  We are happy to prepare presentations for:

  • Professional organizations (Rotary Clubs)
  • College clubs
  • High school groups
  • Senior groups
  • Military groups and more


We have various topics that we offer and would also be interested in developing a topic that would best suit your need.  

In May, BBB of Central Virginia delivered 12 presentations to over 500 people informing them of scams and fraudulent activity in the Central Virginia region.  If you'd like someone from BBB to come speak to you or your group, please please request a speaker here. For more information about BBB of Central Virginia's community outreach efforts, please visit this page.


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