Universities Targeted in Scam

September 06, 2017

                                                                        FBI Warns of Scam Targeting Universities

Richmond, VA- BBB wants to warn local college students and their parents about a scam reported by the FBI to be targeting university bookstores and college students.

The FBI has reported campus bookstores have become a target for credit card fraud. A scammer will approach a college student claiming they have misplaced their Student-ID and request the student scan or show their Student-ID so the purchase can be made. It’s reported that in many cases the purchases were expensive electronics made with fake or stolen credit cards.

“These scams put students at risk for being associated with criminal activity,” says Olivia Smith, Communications Coordinator for BBBCV.  “It is important to remind your students or friends these things do happen. They happen everywhere and can happen to you if you aren’t paying attention to the warning signs.”

The FBI offered a reminder to students that in the event you are approached on your college campus not to agree to assist with a purchase for someone that doesn’t have a valid Student-ID. If you are approached by someone with this request or one similar make sure to notify campus police. According to the FBI, “a number of universities last spring reported their bookstores lost thousands of dollars in purchases that were made with stolen credit card information.”

Talk to your students, and make them aware of the real possibility this could impact their school. Students, just starting to establish their credit should not be faced with these problems and educating them on the real issues surrounding them can help them steer clear of these pitfalls.

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