BBB offers tips in wake of Equifax breach

September 08, 2017


                                                              BBB Offers Tips in the Wake of the Equifax Data Breach

Richmond, VA- In the wake of the Equifax data breach millions of Americans have been left with a feeling of uncertainty about how to monitor their personal information. BBB wants to remind consumers they have several options available to them.

A data breach may bring out more scammers posing as your bank, a retailer, or a card issuer. They will try and convince you to follow an action plan to fix the issue caused by the breach. That plan will include you giving out your personal information either by email or by phone. Be very careful if you receive a call or an email from your bank asking for your personal information.

“This is a scary thing to hear about, but we want consumers to be armed with the right information and the right tools to protect themselves,” says Olivia Smith, Communications Coordinator for BBBCV. “Contact your bank or card-issuer if you have any questions about how a breach may impact you or your accounts, and always call the customer service number on your card to discuss your account. Do not give out that information unless you can verify the source you are speaking with.”

If your account has been compromised you can place a credit freeze on you credit account. This will lock down your credit report but will not impact your credit. This will help prevent identity thieves from establishing a new line of credit in your name. To learn about credit freezes read additional BBB tips here.

For further information please contact Olivia Smith, Communications Coordinator at 804-648-0030 or

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