Virginia Consumer Targeted by IRS Scam

July 11, 2014

A scammer posing as an IRS employee and threatening to toss a Hanover woman in jail was reported to BBB this week. The consumer’s daughter-in-law reported to BBB Serving Central Virginia’s Senior Fraud team that a call was received from 202-506-8602. The caller claimed to be from IRS and demanded over $6000 in “taxes owed.” When BBB called the number, a man answered after several attempts with, “IRS.” When he was asked for his name he promptly hung up.

The IRS posted a warning about this scam to their website in October 2013 and Better Business Bureaus across the country have reported receiving these complaints for several months. BBB Serving Central Virginia President and CEO Tom Gallagher issues these reminders to consumers:

-The IRS isn't going to call and demand money over the phone. The IRS will contact you by mail if there is an issue with taxes due. If you have a question, contact IRS at 800-829-1040.

-The IRS will not threaten people with arrest.

-If you get a threatening call from anyone claiming to be the IRS, hang up and call the agency.

-Watch out for red flags like bullying or hostile behavior. 

-Report the activity to your local police. Call BBB Serving Central Virginia at 804-648-0016.