Educational Consumer Tips

Appliance Service and Repair

Author: Better Business Bureau

It is important to remember that appliances are machines, and they require care, cleaning and occasional service. The best time to find out about service is before you need it, or best of all, before you buy an appliance. When you buy your appliance, ask the dealer whether he provides service. If he doesn't ask him to refer you to a service agency, and check the company out with the BBB. To maintain your warranty after you have purchased your appliance, most manufacturers require that service be done through a factory or authorized service location. Repairs by independent servicemen may invalidate your warranty. Read the warranty carefully before you make your purchase. Know what protection you have against basic faults in workmanship and parts, labor, and travel time. Also, make sure to read the instruction manual carefully, to know exactly how to operate the appliance. Before you call the serviceman when an appliance appears to be malfunctioning, check the plugs, pilots, controls, and make sure that the appliance is turned on. Also, review the instruction manual. If you lose your manual, write to the manufacturer, the address and model number are on the appliance. When you have to call for service, give the model number of the appliance and describe exactly what is happening with the appliance. The more information you provide the better service you'll get on the first call. If a problem develops try to work it out with the dealer or serviceman or through the BBB. If it still cannot be resolved, write or call the manufacturer giving all the details. If you are still not satisfied, write or call the Major Appliance Consumer Action Panel, 20 N. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60606 or call 1-800-621-0477.