Accredited Businesses Testimonials


BBB Accredited Businesses Testimonials

>I really appreciate your help. The BBB is truly a great organization that looks out for its members!



JoAnna Korkos
Swaders Sports Park


>”First of all, I'm so happy that the Better Business Bureau exists. What a friend of the small business owners who have attempted to be honest, fair and treat others the way they hope to be treated.”

by Anna Yeisley, Owner, Home Rejuvenators Improvement and Remodeling


>”Just wanted to mention that the BBB is an outstanding organization and a fine group of professionals to work with.”

Carol Slusher

Commonwealth Energy


>”I trust all is well with you. I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated!!! We are thankful to be a part of the BBB. The benefits exceed the membership fee. I recently received the, "Your Company’s Report Activity "for the month of May. I really enjoy this report.”

Thank you,

Doug and Sharon Vickstrom

Outdoor Building Concepts




From a BBB Scam Alert:

> “Thanks for the heads the way, this is the second fraudulent activity on my business phone bill (the first was a $ 39.95 per month charge to some company called OAR (Operator Assisted Network) and they were charging for some internet listing that we did not authorize (and probably wasn't there anyway)....that went on for about a year before I picked up on it. This was worth my BBB dues!!!!”


Laurie Crigler

VP, L&D Associates, Inc.


From a BBB Request A Quote:

>Also, one of the most reliable partners for any consumer choosing between service vendors is the Better Business Bureau. You can use their website to get a rating on any company. Click on their "Advanced Search" option and then just enter the phone # of the company. That will bring back a complete report including the company's vital stats and a service history detailing any complaints that are outstanding. We hold a superior rating with the BBB.

Jeffrey Corbett

Auto Driveaway