Benefits of Accreditation


The challenges confronting American business today are unprecedented in our history. Runaway technology, crisis economics, and accelerating change leave less room for mistakes. To survive and succeed in this environment, everyone in business must know the market and the competition intimately. Great care must be taken to avoid costly legal entanglements with customers and suppliers, and to prevent suffocation by over regulation. To meet this challenge, the Better Business Bureau, with over 80 years of experience, offers superb assistance-support services and benefits that no individual business can afford to match in scope or sophistication. Today, more than ever, the benefits your firm receives through Better Business Bureau accreditation make good business sense.


BBB Industry Listing

Consumers contact BBB to find trustworthy businesses. BBB provides these consumers with industry-specific lists of BBB Accredited Businesses. With over 95% of BBB services being provided via the Internet, this benefit is sure to steer consumers to BBB Accredited Businesses!


BBB Accreditation Seal

BBB Accredited Businesses are part of an elite group.

Businesses displaying BBB Accreditation Seals

show their customers they are committed to fairness

and honesty.


Pre-purchase Company Reports (24 hours a day)

Prospective customers are told of a firm’s reliability,

whether they are accredited, how long they have been

accredited, as well as basic business information.


Member Hotline

This number is made available to BBB Accredited Businesses only.
The unlisted number is always handled as a priority call.


Member Newsletter

An exclusive newsletter provides businesses with

vital business/consumer information. Entitled the

“Business Line,” this newsletter reports on BBB activity,

fraudulent activities aimed at businesses, and more.


Media Exposure

BBB works closely with the news media to inform

consumers of scams and to advise the public of

protective measures in purchasing. BBB contacts the

media as soon as information is brought to the

attention of BBB or when an investigation is completed.


Advertising Guidelines and Advertising Review

BBB publishes a Code of Advertising giving guidelines

to businesses to promote fair and honest advertising

practices. BBB works with businesses and industries

to promote advertising ethics,
which is one way BBB succeeds in building consumer confidence.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

BBB provides arbitration services with unbiased, certified professionals.
This program saves businesses and consumers court costs, time and
money in settling consumer disputes they are unable to resolve themselves.


BBBOnLine® Reliability

Companies enrolling in this fee-based program show the world they are a trustworthy business by displaying the BBBOnLine® encrypted Accreditation Seal on their website. Visit for more information.



BBB provides this service at no additional charge to

businesses and their potential customers. This service allows consumers to request a quote from BBB Accredited Businesses via email through BBB’s web site at, based on their industry-specific category.