Avoiding Bad Transactions Online Training


A benefit to BBB Accreditation offered in partnership with Whitlock Training Group's CrimeLine

Did you know the average business loses $1700 per employee to fraud each year?

Video Player Image: Chuck WhitlockBBB and Whitlock Training Group's Crimeline are proud to partner and offer innovative, on-demand, web-based training to BBB Accredited Businesses which ensures that employees have the skills they need to recognize and stop check, cash and credit card fraud at your business.

Avoiding Bad Transactions training comes in two courses. Both courses give employees the critical training to spot fakes and prevent fraud. Both are dynamic, interactive and fun to take. And they are accessible: In the break room, at home, even in the library, users can log in and experience this valuable training anywhere, at any time.

Avoiding Bad Transactions for Clerks
  • Spot phony credit cards
  • Identify counterfeit $10, $20, $50, $100 bills
  • Recognize for bad checks
  • Catch fake IDs
  • Reduce fraud and ID Theft
Avoiding Bad Transactions for Managers
  • Spot fake credit cards, bills, checks and IDs
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Control credit card fees
  • Recognize employee fraud
  • Identify suspicious behavior of a fraud in action

Managers get additional training into the credit card transaction process, how to spot behavioral signs of a fraud in action and what to look for when it is a fellow employee conducting the fraud.

Find out more about this extraordinary benefit to BBB Accredited Businesses, who will receive a deep discount for this important training by visiting www.goodtransactions.com, or contacting BBB.