1/3/2014 I had never seen so many puppies crammed into such a small area. My wife and I purchased a puppy, or I should say rescued a puppy from there. We took her to the vet and both her back legs will need surgery due to bad knees. The puppy also had a bad case of kennel cough. I should have not even paid half of what I did for her but would never even dream of taking her back to live in those conditions.
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by Justin H. on 1/3/2014 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business Dear Mr. *******, I’m sorry you feel you have to write a review on a public forum instead of coming to us with your concerns. We are very proud of our reputation and strive for excellent customer service. We worked with you on the price of our little yorkie puppy because you couldn’t get approved for financing for her full asking price. Your wife was very attached and I wanted to make sure she could have the little the puppy that she had fallen in love with. The puppy coughed as you were checking out and we were concerned. I called and made a vet appointment that night. I covered all medication for her cold and she was rechecked the next morning to make sure ***** was ready for her new home. I called to check on ***** to make sure everything went well. She didn’t have to stay overnight and I hadn’t heard anything from you so I thought everyone was happy. After reading your review I called and spoke with the veterinarian about her knees just to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. The doctor informed me that she educated you on luxating patella which are very common in small breeds and tighten up with age. No grade was given on the luxating patella. Normally if someone has a legitimate complaint they file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau so action can be taken. I was not notified of this review, but it was brought to my attention later, hence the delayed response. Any questions please contact me ###-###-#### so we can get this conversation removed from the public or file a complaint so action can be taken. by on 2/21/2014

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