11/5/2013 They advertise some of their products as "odor-free" and they are FAR from it. They have a very strong, foul odor. This is false advertising and very misleading. I have contacted them about it, and they merely offer to let me return the products. They continue to falsely advertise their products as such.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
by Dog Owner on 11/5/2013 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business Odor is caused by moisture. This order was placed back in June and we offered to accept the product back as a return, even though the purchase is out of our 2 week return policy. At this point we have no way of know how this product has been stored for the last 4 months. Our odor free sticks are not chemically treated as others on the market are. When your pet chews the saliva adds moisture back into the product and there will be a slight odor. The sticks on the market that are 100% odor free have been soaked in bleach and formaldehyde, which is a practice that is unacceptable to Best Bully Sticks. Our sticks are not chemically treated, they don't even have any preservatives. We did offer the customer a refund for the product that she wishes to return. by on 11/5/2013

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