7/17/2014 We started so great with our car salesman. He was so awesome and helpful and believe it or not...not pushy at all. The great service unfortunately ended there. We had to move on to the person who handled the financing side and while nice at first turns out he did not follow any of the directions given by the credit union whom already activated my preapproval and from then on service and attitudes got worse and worse. Finance manager was absolutely useless and had no common courtesy for the customer. After 2 days of dragging me through the mud because of THEIR mistakes....all he could say is "I don't know what you want me to do about it." Then as he made one last mistake on my second go round signing all the papers, we had to turn around and do it a third time. To top it all I had to return later to get the car cleaned because it was to late the date of purchase. I was given a voucher "supposedly "worth $150 of detail service for the car. I waited an hour with my almost 2 year old to find that only a basic wash was done. Seats were still visibly dirty, dash and cupholders dirty etc. so I have to call them back to complete my car cleaning. As I'm leaving I realize that my gas had gone down 5 miles when it only was pulled around for cleaning. My AC which I had off and was using windows and sunroof was blasting at 67 and the seats were laid back with my radio station changed. I assume a party went on during all that time my car was supposed to be cleaned. I can not stress how awful of a car buying experience I had which is very sad when spending so much money at a business. I would not recommend a dog I hated to buy a car there.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
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Comment from the Business Thank you for your kind words about your sales person ***** *******, he is an asset to Pence. I would also like to sincerely apologize for your negative experiences. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, our number one goal is to make sure each customer has a hassle-free experience and leaves our dealership completely satisfied. I would appreciate the opportunity to review your concerns in person while we clean your 2011 *** *******. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can begin to work toward a resolution. Sincerely, ***** ******** * ** ************ by on 7/22/2014

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