Senior Series

Be Aware - Be Informed - Be Proactive

Nationwide, scams against seniors generate billions of dollars each year for criminals. Seniors are often targets of scam artists because they generally are more trusting of others and perceived to be easier to persuade. According to a June 2010 survey by Investor Protection Trust, roughly 20% of seniors aged 65 and older already have been taken advantage of financially, whether through unreasonably high fees for financial services or outright fraud. Seniors often do not realize they have fallen victim to a scammer or may avoid telling someone for fear of losing their independence by appearing so vulnerable. Knowledge is the best defense against these crimes. BBB Senior Series allows seniors to not only learn how to spot and avoid scams, but also offers resources that seniors can turn to if they do become a victim. Be Aware - Be Informed - Be Proactive. BBB Senior Series offers resources to aid seniors in identifying and steering clear of scams, and makes presentations in eastern North Carolina to groups of seniors and caregivers to help raise awareness of these dangers. To request materials or to have someone from BBB speak with your group about marketplace issues, contact Claire Abshire at