Speakers Bureau

Request a professional speaker!

The mission of Better Business Bureau is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. To further our mission, we would be pleased to send a member of our professional staff to speak to your organization at no charge! We are happy to prepare presentations for:

· Business and civic organizations

· Rotaries and Chambers of Commerce

· Senior citizens’ groups

· High schools

· Colleges

· Adult education classes

· Religious groups

· Military Installations

· Libraries

· and other local organizations

We can present one of our popular topics or prepare something of particular interest to your group that relates to the BBB's work. BBB will also distribute free educational brochures pertaining to your topic of interest.

Some of BBB's Most Popular Speaking Topics include:

·BBB 101- Nationally, the BBB has been around for more than 100 years aiding people in making wise buying decisions. Learn all about BBB's history, free services offered to consumers and businesses and how to use our website and products.

· Senior Series- Nationwide, scams against seniors generate billions of dollars each year for criminals. Seniors are often targets of scam artists because they generally are more trusting of others and perceived to be easier to persuade. Knowledge is the best defense against these crimes. This program will not only teach you how to spot and avoid scams, but also offers resources that you can turn to if you do become a victim.

· Giving Wisely to Charities- During this educational session, a BBB representative will discuss how to choose a trustworthy charity and avoid losing your hard-earned money to a fraudulent charity or scam.

· BBB Military Line- Our military members, veterans and their families are targeted by scammers due to their unique lifestyles. During this presentation, the free services of BBB Military Line will be discussed, along with the most common scams targeting military and how to identify them.

· In Pursuit of Ethics- IPoE is an interactive, discussion-based program designed to stimulate honest, fair behavior. The program uses a unique approach where complex real-life situations are presented in an entertaining way. The classes include both videos and discussions about real-life ethical dilemmas. The audience makes the decisions and selects the direction of the program. IPoE can be taught at both businesses and in schools.

· Other popular topics that can be presented or combined with other topics include:

•Scams Targeting Businesses
•Ethics in Business

Additional topics are also available upon request. 

Presentations usually last approximately 30-45 minutes and may be followed with a question and answer session. There is no charge for this service.

To arrange a presentation by a BBB representative, contact Kayla at 919.277.4201 or kgilbert@raleigh.bbb.org today.

*All presentations can be presented in Spanish.  To speak with a Spanish speaking representative, contact Marisol at 919.277.4228 or bbbayuda@raleigh.bbb.org.