BBB Offers Tips to Avoid Wedding Complications

May 02, 2017

With the average wedding cost soaring  over $25,000, it is important for engaged couples to take the extra steps to ensure that the they are getting the most out of their money and protecting themselves from wedding fraud. Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina offers some Do’s and Don’ts so the bride and grooms’ big day doesn’t have to encounter any wedding scams, which can include faux vendors, counterfeit dresses or rings and gift theft.

When preparing for the big day, BBB recommends considering the following:

Do Your Research.  Check out to look up reviews of any company you are considering doing business with. Consumers can also look up the BBB Accredited Business Directory to find businesses that are guaranteed to have high standards of trust. Taking your time and thoroughly vetting businesses beforehand can help give you an idea of how reliable they are and also help with comparing prices and remaining within your budget.

Pay With A Credit Card. Future brides and grooms should try and pay with a credit card since it typically provides fraud protection if something were to go wrong with a vendor. Paying with a credit card can also help rack up travel or cash back rewards which can help with a dream honeymoon.

Save All Documents. Be sure to hang on to any receipts, confirmation numbers, paperwork, and emails until you are entirely satisfied with the service. Additionally, make sure you get every single detail in writing. That way you can have all dates, times, products, and cancellation and deposit policies established in an official capacity.

Read Contracts Thoroughly.  Make sure the contract lists all services that you and the business had discussed and decided upon. It is important for you to understand the exchange, refund, and cancellation policies of the business as well as what you are entitled to if the business fails to hold up their end of the deal.

Consider Insurance. All couples should consider wedding insurance as it covers a number of unexpected issues like bad weather, medical issues, and unreliable businesses. While it can cost several hundred dollars, wedding insurance can save you several thousand dollars in the end.