Warning for Scammers Posing as BBB Investigators

June 24, 2016

Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina is warning local business owners and consumers that scammers have been posing as BBB investigators in an effort to try and get personal information.

In one instance, a business owner in Raleigh received a threatening call from someone saying they worked for BBB serving Eastern NC and was coming to shut down their company. In this particular case, the telephone number had a Los Angeles area code. In another occurrence, a woman named Denise called a business owner saying she was a BBB investigator but the business owner hung up when he did not believe what she had to say. The telephone number in that case had a 252 area code, which is in BBB serving Eastern NC’s service area.

“We take these matters extremely seriously,” said Mallory Wojciechowski, president and CEO of BBB serving Eastern North Carolina. “We, as a BBB, do call businesses on occasions, but we do not ask for personal information or communicate in a threatening manner as these scam artists are doing.”

If you receive a phone call from BBB serving Eastern North Carolina and are unsure of its authenticity, ask for an email regarding the issue and contact our office directly to confirm the caller is a BBB employee. BBB serving Eastern NC’s telephone number is 919-277-4222.

For more information, visit bbb.org.