BBB Urges Consumers to Use BBB Scam Tracker

May 23, 2016

BBB serving Eastern North Carolina is urging consumers to use the BBB Scam Tracker, a free, interactive website that helps people report scams and fraud in an effort to warn others of malicious or suspicious activities.

BBB Scam Tracker, which was launched in November 2015 and has over 25,000 reported scams, offers a heat map showing where scams are being reported across the United States and Canada. Users can search using a variety of filters to see what scams are happening in their area, track a particular type of scam, or see how much money has been lost.

“BBB has staked its reputation on warning the public about scams and now we have taken it a step further,” said Mallory Wojciechowski, president and CEO of BBB Serving Eastern NC. “BBB Scam Tracker is a free and easy way for people to stay up to date on scams and take the necessary steps to protect themselves from becoming victims.”

In addition to reporting the scams, BBB Scam Tracker reports will also prompt BBB tips and alerts, or serve as the basis for investigations, news releases, warnings, and trends analysis.

For more information or to use BBB Scam Tracker, please visit: