BBB greatly appreciates the time and talents of individuals who help deliver and support our programs, events, and resources. It is with their help and dedication that we strive towards our vision of an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. If you are interested in volunteering with BBB, please contact the individual listed by the opportunity for more information. THANK YOU!

For Business Professionals

Torch Scholarships Judge
BBB offers an annual scholarship program to recognize high school juniors, seniors and college undergraduates in our service area. The scholarships are based on the content of a written, 500 words or less, essay, as well as the student's application, transcript, and letter of recommendation from a BBB Accredited Business. As a judge you are responsible for working with other judges to establish judging criteria, as well as reading and scoring entries. For more information, please contact Alyssa Gutierrez at agutierrez@raleigh.bbb.org.

Torch Awards Judge
BBB Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics is an annual awards program created to publicly recognize businesses and charities that maintain a solid commitment to conducting their business practices in an ethical manner. To be considered for the award, companies must submit an entry to BBB. Serving as a judge would involve establishing judging criteria, as well as reviewing and scoring each entry. For more information, please contact Alyssa Gutierrez at agutierrez@raleigh.bbb.org.

BBB Board of Directors
BBB is governed by a Board of Directors, elected for three-year terms. Local BBB Accredited Business leaders are welcome to submit their resumes for board consideration with CEO/President Mallory Wojciechowski at mwojciechowski@raleigh.bbb.org.

Educational Foundation Board of Directors 
The BBB Educational Foundation manages the educational and charitable initiatives of BBB serving Eastern NC, including Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics, Torch Scholarships, and In Pursuit of Ethics. For information on joining the Educational Foundation Board, contact Steve Fromme at sfromme@raleigh.bbb.org.

The goal of arbitration is to resolve business/customer disputes quickly and economically as an alternative to the court system. Accordingly, arbitration is a professional activity requiring specific abilities, including excellent written, verbal, listening, fact-finding, and logical reasoning skills. For more information, please contact info@raleigh.bbb.org.