Get Accredited



Thank you for your interest in becoming a BBB Accredited Business. Accreditation in BBB is by invitation to companies that, at a minimum, have been in business for at least one year, have demonstrated sound business practices, and meet our accreditation standards.

Benefits For Your Company

  • Increase trust - Consumers wonder who to trust, help them establish trust in your business by showing your BBB Accreditation. This helps your business by increasing conversion of leads to customers. Can consumers trust you? If so, then show them using the BBB certificate, decal, and the BBB Accredited Business Seal.
  • Recognition for your great reputation - When your business follows the eight requirements of BBB Accreditation, you should be recognized for doing so. By displaying your BBB Seal you show your customers that you have been recognized for your integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. Your business is added to directories and programs which are reserved only for those that are BBB accredited. Do you operate your business honestly and with integrity? If so, then get recognized for it.

Benefits For Your Community

  • Reduce Scams - Consumers in your marketplace have a limited amount of income to spend and ethical companies know that if they can help keep "bad apples" out, there will be more money left to spend with them. Your support of BBB helps to keep these companies out of our marketplace allowing that money to come to trustworthy businesses. Is keeping your marketplace trustworthy important to you? If so, apply to join us to help keep "bad apples" out of your marketplace.
  • Educate Consumers - As consumers become more educated about ethical practices and the marketplace through BBB programs, they are better armed to bypass "bad apples" and spend their money with honest, ethical businesses. Would educating consumers in your area help your marketplace? If so, apply to join us to help teach consumers how to spend their money wisely.

BBB Accredited Businesses are trustworthy businesses that agree to these BBB Standards for Trust:

  1. Build Trust
  2. Advertise Honestly
  3. Tell the Truth
  4. Be Transparent
  5. Honor Promises
  6. Be Responsive
  7. Safeguard Privacy
  8. Embody Integrity

Do you feel your business could abide by these standards? Will you join us in building a better marketplace for ethical and honest businesses like yours?