In Pursuit of Ethics & In Pursuit of Ethics Online
Good Ethics. Good Sense. Good Business.

In Pursuit of Ethics

In Pursuit of Ethics, provided by BBB Educational Foundation of Eastern NC, is an interactive, discussion-based program designed to stimulate honest, fair behavior.

The program uses a unique approach in which complex real-life situations are presented in an entertaining way. The classes include both videos and discussions about real-life ethical dilemmas. The audience makes the decisions and selects the direction of the program. No two classes are exactly the same.

Attendees receive numerous benefits upon successful class completion. In addition to the feeling of satisfaction generated by an enjoyable learning experience, participants will receive Certificates of Completion. BBB will publicize course graduates representing BBB Accredited Businesses (ABs) in numerous ways, including on its website, in its newsletter and on social media outlets. Additionally, a sortable list of IPoE-certified ABs appears on BBB's website.

Businesses which commit themselves to ethics and educating their staffs toward this end will receive for their use the BBB In Pursuit of Ethics certificate. This certificate is reserved only for those making the most dedicated commitment to being an ethics-minded business. Companies should take pride in this accomplishment and display their certificates on BBB Business Reviews, company websites and social media, advertising, business cards and other appropriate places.

 In Pursuit of Ethics Online 

This interactive, discussion-based program is now offered in a virtual environment! Keeping pace with the times, the BBB Educational Foundation of Eastern North Carolina has adapted the extremely popular IPoE to create a robust online version. In Pursuit of Ethics Online allows students to work at their own pace, where and when they desire. Ethics certification can be completed in your office, your home, or with your toes in the sand. The certificate earned will demonstrate your commitment to ethics.

When you and your employees take In Pursuit of Ethics Online, you are advancing marketplace trust and helping fulfill the BBB vision of an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. Our proven ethics curriculum is of the highest quality.

In Pursuit of Ethics Online remains true to its roots, delivering the message that doing the right thing is the right thing to do!

North Carolina insurers: Satisfy your NC license ethics requirement. In Pursuit of Ethics Online is a fun alternative to the run-of-the-mill courses offered elsewhere.


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Company Participation Certificates

BRONZE STATUS- When 20% of a business's staff complete In Pursuit of Ethics training, a certificate will be awarded to the company announcing it is "Involved in the Pursuit of Ethics".

SILVER STATUS- Once the 50% level is attained, the company will receive a certificate proclaiming that it is "Dedicated to the Pursuit of Ethics".

GOLD STATUS- The highest level of achievement - "Ethics Trained" - will be reached when a minimum of 75% of employees complete In Pursuit of Ethics.