Advertising Review


BBB was founded in 1912 to help regulate advertising within the marketplace.  Today, BBB gives precedence to truth in advertising.

BBB reviews local business advertising and challenges any potential false or misleading ads in an attempt to control the advertising claims made by businesses.  We encourage businesses and consumers to bring these ads to BBB for our review.  Through our efforts we hope to help better educate businesses on how to advertise and help consumers understand what advertising may be deceptive.

Achieving Positive Change

BBB consistently seeks and challenges advertising that appears deceptive or suggests unethical business practices.  BBB proactively monitors advertising in all forms and challenges those advertisements which are generated in our service area covering the 28 counties in Pennsylvania from Centre County west to the Ohio border.

BBB Code of Advertising

The BBB Code of Advertising outlines basic principles and specific guides for truth and accuracy in advertising.  When an ad is challenged, the BBB asks the advertiser to substantiate, modify, or discontinue the advertised claims.  If an advertiser is unable to substantiate the claims or declines to discontinue claims not in adherence to the BBB Code of Advertising, then that information is included in the BBB Business Review on the business. A full copy of the BBB Code of Advertising can be found here.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) provides advertising review on a national level through their National Advertising Division (NAD), Children's Advertising Review Unit,  Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative, and Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program. These divisions help control advertising on a national level.  NAD only reviews national advertisements; ads dispersed on a nationwide or broadly regional basis.  The Better Business Bureau system encourages businesses and consumers to use our advertising review programs.

If you believe that you have encountered a potentially deceptive ad and would like to report that to the BBB please use our Challenge or Report an Advertisement form.