Red, White and Blue Travel Tips

July 03, 2017

With gas prices cheaper than last year's fourth of July holiday, AAA expects more Americans to hit the road during the extended holiday weekend. As you travel away from your Western Pennsylvania home to celebrate the red, white and blue, keep these safety tips in mind:

  1. Update Tech Capabilities. Turn off Bluetooth settings and any automatic connections to Wi-Fi when traveling to avoid connecting your phone to rogue devices and signals. Use caution when connecting to public Wi-Fi and avoid entering personal information while using it.

  2. Use Credit. Credit cards typically offer more consumer protections when compared to your debit card, by offering more time to report unauthorized purchases before being held liable for losses. If you set geographical limits on where your credit or debit card can be used, be sure to update settings before traveling.

  3. Rent a Car with Caution. Reviewing a rental car contract can be a confusing set of rates, fees, responsibilities and fine print. You want to get a good deal, but the advertised price might not include the fees you'll ultimately be responsible for. Here's what to look for and ask about when renting a car for travel.

  4. Sign Up for Lists and Contests with Caution. Be careful when signing up for sweepstakes, customer rewards cards and customer lists while away. Will giving your contact information to companies you may only visit once while in town be worth it? Ask to see what the business or organization will do with your information....send emails, call you, provide your information to partner businesses and organizations, etc?

  5. Check with BBB. When away from home, get trusted reviews of businesses you've never solicited before with a quick check of You'll find a letter grade ranging from A+ to F, a three-year complaint history and more business information for free.

Search BBB Scam Tracker for scams happening at your travel destination. If you experience a scam while traveling, report it on the scam tracker map as well.