Meet Our Keynote Speaker
Cameron Herold - the CEO Whisperer

Cameron HeroldCameron Herold is known around the world as CEO WHISPERER. He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies' exponential growth. Cameron built a dynamic consultancy -- his current clients include a 'Big 4" wireless carrier and a monarchy. What do his clients say they like most about him? He isn't a theory guy -- they like that he speaks only from experience. He earned his reputation as the business growth guru by guiding his clients to double their profit and double their revenue in just three years or less. 

Cameron was an entreprenuer from day 1. At age 21, he had 14 employees. By 35, he helped build his first TWO $100 MILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES. By the age of 42, Cameron engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK's spectacular growth from $2 miilion to $106 million in revenue, and 3,100 employees -- and he did that in just six years. His company landed over 5,200 media placements in that same six years, including coverage on Oprah. 

Not only does Cameron know how to grow businesses, but his delivery from the stage is second to none -- the current publisher of Forbes magazine Rich Karlgaard, stated "Cameron Herold is THE BEST SPEAKER I've ever heard....he hits grand slams."

When Cameron steps off the stage he doesn't stop teaching. He is the author of the global best selling business book Double Double - in its seventh printing and in multiple translations around the world. 

Cameron is a top rated international speaker and has been paid to speak in 26 countries. He is also the top-rated lecturer at EO/MIT's Entrepreneurial Masters Program and a powerful and effective speaker at Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer leadership events around the world. 

Look for Cameron's three new business books -- on public relations, meetings, and how to get your team to see your vision for your company -- releasing in 2018.