BBB Savvy Consumer Programs

Be Wise. Be Ethical. Be Prepared.


BBB Savvy Consumer Programs offer expertise from BBB’s one hundred years of marketplace observation and reporting to aid consumers in making wise choices with their money. 

  • For Kids - to educate children about the marketplace and teach them about online safety.
  • For Teens - to prepare youth for marketplace pressures so they can make sensible choices. 
  • For Families - to advise consumers about spending wisely and avoiding fraud.
  • For Seniors - to assist aging adults and their caregivers to prepare for major life decisions.
  • For Donors - to provide reliability information on charities and encourage wise giving.
  • For Businesses - to support ethical practices in the workplace and promote best practices. 

Savvy Consumer Seminars

BBB Foundation offer seminars that cover scams, money management and marketplace issues. Schedule one topic or a series of workshops.These free seminars are typically one hour, age appropriate and can be conducted using interactive formats. Review our Savvy Consumer Detailed Brochure for more information.

Savvy Consumer Resources

As consumers are being inundated with offers, BBB has advice to help them choose wisely. Access BBB's News Center for guidance on things that come up in life - get tips on how to avoid scams, plan for major purchases and choose professionals to work with.

BBB Scam Source connects you to up-to-date articles about scams hitting the marketplace. Learn the tricks of the scam artists and avoid getting hooked. 

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