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Being an outstanding athlete is not only about running the fastest or jumping the highest; it's also about character. Better Business Bureau is excited to recognize Arizona high school athletes whose personal ethics and conduct inspire coaches, teammates and fans. Help us find local, student athletes doing the right thing, while embodying integrity and sportsmanship.  
Nomination Criteria
Nominees must be an Arizona high school freshman, sophomore, junior or senior currently eligible to play their sport. Only one nomination per student athlete necessary. Number of nominations submitted do not affect outcome. Winners receive a certificate, are featured in Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) mentions and become eligible for BBB's Ethical Champion of the Year, to be award at the end of the school year. Starting in the Fall of 2016, winners will also receive scholarship money. 
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BBB's Ethical Athlete sponsorships are funded, in part, by proceeds from our annual Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Raffle. Participate here.
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BBB Foundation intends to use contributions to fund BBB’s Ethical Athlete program for the educational and charitable benefit of its recipients; however, BBB Foundation reserves the right to use such funds how BBB Foundation directors and officers best see fit to fulfill the purpose and mission of the organization.


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