BBB Accreditation Benefits


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BBB Trust Seal* - Showcase your commitment to ethics by including the BBB Trust Seal on printed materials and on your web site. Install the seal at accreditedbusiness

BBB Business Review & Industry Listing - Show potential customers you adhere to BBB’s Standards for Trust by encouraging them to view your BBB Business Review. Found at, a Business Review can include photos and videos and list your company in all categories related to your industry.

Video Testimonials - Share with consumers what BBB Accreditation means to your company in a one-minute video testimonial that will appear on your BBB Business Review. Contact BBB for details on recording.

Ethical Arizona - A complimentary free web page is included as part of your BBB Accreditation provided by Ethical Arizona and gets your company an additional presence on the Internet. You can add photos, a video, plus custom text. To view an example, visit

BBB Accredited Business Certificate & Sign - A framed BBB Accreditation certificate and an 8” x 10” hard plastic sign are provided to display at your place of business.

BBB Accredited Business Stickers - Double-sided, BBB window stickers are great to display at your place of business, on company vehicles, or wherever customers will see them.



BBB E-Newsletter - E-mailed twice a month, the e-newsletter provides up-to-date information on BBB events, benefits, scam alerts, and much more.

BBB Business Connection* - Quarterly updates on BBB programs and services are shared in this printed publication mailed directly to your company. Along with timely business tips and important scam alerts, the newsletter includes valuable information to help you build a better business.

BBB Accredited Business Events* - BBB offers bi-monthly educational seminars and quarterly legal series presentations. An annual golf tournament and the Business Ethics Awards are also signature events held by BBB every year.

Connect With Your BBB on Social Media - Visit our pages and videos for the latest BBB news, alerts and tips. Find us on Facebook and Twitter with the name AZBBBNews. Check us out on Google+ and LinkedIn by searching for Better Business Bureau of Greater Arizona. And look us up on YouTube at



BBB Accredited Business Hotline - Have questions about your accreditation? Call BBB’s Accredited Business Hotline at 602-264-1727 or e-mail

E-Quote - Consumers visiting can request bids from BBB Accredited Businesses in a particular industry and zip code. Once a bid is submitted, the customer’s contact information is e-mailed and/ or texted* to BBB Accredited Businesses in that particular industry. *To sign up for this free service, please visit

Arbitration - BBB offers arbitration services to help consumers and businesses settle disputes privately through the use of a neutral arbitration process.



Community Marketing Program - Partner with BBB on outdoor, online and mixed media marketing opportunities to promote BBB’s message of trust to potential customers. For more information about BBB’s marketing partnership opportunities call 602-240-3999 or e-mail



Business to Business Discounts* - As a BBB Accredited Business, you may offer discounts on your company’s products and  services to other BBB Accredited Businesses. Submitting a discount is easy and free! E-mail or call 602-264-1727 to submit a discount.

Small Employer Resources Discount - BBB Accredited Businesses with 10 or fewer employees can sign up for Mountain States Employers Council’s (MSEC) “Small Employer” program at a discounted rate. The program provides up to 10 hours of consulting assistance and representation from MSEC on employment and labor law, human resources, training and development, employee handbooks, personnel forms and much more. For more information, contact MSEC at 602-955-7558.

Shipping and Office Service Savings* - Save 12 to 26 percent on FedEx® Shipping, with no shipping quotas or enrollment fees. Save 10 to 20 percent on FedEx® Office Services which include print, copy, and other office services. To receive these accredited business savings, visit

Discounted Merchant Card Processing* - Desert Schools Federal Credit Union’s Merchant Services program offers preferred pricing for BBB Accredited Businesses. Your company will benefit from one convenient statement for all electronic payments, no monthly transaction minimum, no application fee and online reporting. For more information, call Desert Schools at (602) 335-2491 or e-mail

Prescription Discount Card - Save 10 to 50 percent on prescription medications at participating retail pharmacies or through mail order. Savings include up to 40 percent on diabetes supplies, durable medical equipment, hearing supplies, and over-the-counter items. This is a free program for those who are uninsured or under-insured. It is not an insurance card. To print your card(s), visit



Accredited Business Site - Managing your BBB Accreditation is easy. This special site gives you 24/7 access for all of your accreditation needs. Update company information, download BBB Trust Seals, renew your accreditation, view upcoming events, and upload pictures, videos and more by visiting

Renew Your Accreditation Online* - Save time, trees and a few cents by renewing your BBB accreditation online. It’s easy and secure. BBB accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®.

*Available on BBB’s Accredited Business Site