BBB’s New “Risk Index” Helps Identify Top Scams & Potential Victims

March 07, 2017

BBB® Institute for Marketplace Trust kicked off National Consumer Protection Week with the inaugural edition of the annual BBB Scam Tracker Annual Risk Report, which provides a comprehensive look into scams based on more than 32,000 reports made to BBB’s Scam Tracker during 2016.


As with earlier BBB Institute research, there were some real surprises within the data, and the biggest takeaway is that no one is immune from the risk posed by scams.  The BBB Risk Index is a more sophisticated analysis that goes beyond volume to look at the risk each scam type poses to a given population.  BBB is the first to conceptualize scam risk as being at the intersection of three key factors, a major advance compared to volume-based approached. Volume alone can misdirect resources toward scams that cast the widest net, rather than those that actually harm the most people.


Click here to read more about the report, and read the report in full at You won’t want to miss the findings – no one is immune from the risk posed by scams. If you’ve been affected by a scam, report it to BBB Scam Tracker at to help warn others.