Natural Disasters

Living in Oklahoma can mean experiencing unpredictable weather. Your Better Business Bureau® (BBB) offers important resources, tips, and information to help prepare for and deal with disastrous weather damage.

Your BBB is here for you, no matter the season.

Watch out for natural disaster scams and stay up-to-date with BBB's Scam Tracker.

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Knowledge, tips, and insights to use before and after natural disasters strike.

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Organizations and resources ready to help during difficult times.

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After the shock of a storm or disaster, there's a lot to deal with. Learn what to do first, how to find a trustworthy repair service, and what to know about the contract.

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After a disaster, scammers target consumers and businesses. Find out what to watch out for.

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When you want to help those affected by a disaster by donating to relief appeals, learn how to choose charities carefully.

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Crowdfunding appeals crop up to help disaster victims, but how can you know where donations go?

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Scammers take advantage of sympathy for victims to launch bogus appeals. Know what to watch for.

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Disaster victims should never feel forced to make a hasty decision or to choose an unknown contractor.